Bill Payments

Freedom is paying bills on your time from anywhere.

Free Yourself.  Manage your bills conveniently with online banking and the mobile banking app.

For us, freedom is ensuring you have more time to enjoy life's moments.  What those moments are and what freedom represents for you is as unique as you are. 

Imagine sitting down at a local coffee shop with some time to spare while waiting to meet a close friend.  That's the kind of convenience offered by Bill Payments, a special feature available through online banking and our mobile banking app.

Not signed up for online banking?  Contact us today and we'll get you set up in minutes.  Don't miss out on discovering what freedom is for you.

Download the mobile banking app simply by visiting using your mobile device.

How Bill Payments work:

Online Banking

  • Log in to your credit union online account
  • Select Payments from the submenu
  • From there, you can choose to make a payment, schedule recurring payments, and add/delete payees

NOTE:  Payees can only be added through online banking access

  • Select Account and Payee
  • Select Amount
  • You can schedule to Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Select Pay Bills
  • Review the transaction information
  • Select Confirm to send


Mobile Banking App

  • Log in to the mobile banking app
  • Select Pay Bills from the main menu screen
  • Select Account and Payee

NOTE:  Payees are accessible through the mobile banking app but you can only add payees through online banking access.

  • Select Amount
  • You can schedule to Pay Now or Pay Later
  • Select Pay This Bill
  • Review the transaction information
  • Select Confirm to send

What do I need?

  • A credit union account
  • Online banking access
  • A PC or mobile device:  iOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad) or Android™
  • Your credit union mobile banking app
  • Account information for payee


How do I set up a new payee or bill?

New payees can be added using online banking.  When you select Payments in the submenu, there is an option to Add Payee/Delete Payee.  Select Add Payee to search for the Payee by name or by category.  Once you have found and selected the new payee, you can enter the billing account details.

When are payments made?  How many business days?

You can pay both fixed bills (where the same amount is due on a regular basis, such as mortgage payments) or variable bills (bills you pay regularly, but where the amount may change, such as credit card payments).  Search for the Payee to see if they accept online bill payments.